Level 2 - Final test

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In my opinion, the government should invest in the facilities of schools in ___________.
A. areas
B. remote areas
C. remote area
D. local areas
The library? Well, you go down this street for three ________
A. flocks
B. blocks
C. blocks of apartment
D. the street
turn right when you see the ______________. Go to the end of Palm street, it's on your right. You'll find it.
A. drugstore
B. grocery store
C. shopping mall
D. supermarket
Drink more water. Drinking water has health and ___________ benefits
A. money
B. digital
C. advertisement
D. financial
Drinking a glass of water before each meal helps you feel fuller and ____________.
A. eat more and more
B. eat less
C. don’t have to eat
D. as much as possible
You also spend less money on more __________ drinks
A. cheap
B. luxury
C. expensive
D. money
He's the type of person who's always whistling at work. He rarely gets angry or depressed, so I'd say he's a rather __________ person.
A. pessimistic
B. optimistic
C. energetic
D. mysterious
Many people use social media too much and have become ___________
A. attractive
B. addicted
C. funny
D. hopeless
They find it ____________ to stop using it.
A. easy
B. negative
C. expensive
D. difficult
It’s sometimes difficult to make decisions on your own. Listening to advice can be great for helping you ________________.
A. make right decision
B. make right decisions
C. make correct decisions
D. make wrong decisions
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