Level 3 - Final test

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You could say we're a company full of good intentions, but things often __________ us from doing exercise or eating what we should," says Sarah Horner, public relations manager of the organization
A. prevent
B. protect
C. stay
D. keep
which ____________ opportunities for volunteer travel and training for TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).
A. supplies
B. provides
C. helps
D. protects
"We would like advice on what we can do to encourage all our 50 employees in our UK office to__________ really healthy."
A. coming
B. becoming
C. become
D. becomes
Alison Price, a psychologist and author, believes that ___________ who enjoy their office environment are likely to work harder."It's positive psychology
A. workers
B. builders
C. construction workers
D. teachers
There is a lot of evidence that happy employees are_____________," Price says. "They are also more creative, generate more sales and are less likely to take time off."
A. more productivity
B. more production
C. more productive
D. more produce
The number of employees _____________ last year from 3000 to 2000
A. increased
B. increases
C. decreased
D. decreases
and profit ______________ from $1.3 million to $1.7 million.
A. increased
B. increases
C. decreased
D. decreases
We need to reduce the size of the car park so that we can __________ the factory.
A. explore
B. explosion
C. expand
D. lengthen
The name is the most ___________ element of a successful brand.
A. necessary
B. important
C. significant
D. obviously
Packaging changes, advertising changes, products even change but _____________ never change
A. branding
B. brand name
C. brand names
D. famous brand names
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